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Agenda and logistics

How long are the technical sessions? 90 minutes long.

When are the technical sessions?  The Technical Sessions will happen on Thursday, May 17 and Friday, May 18. The actual timing will be announced on the website and via email.

Will the session be live streamed or recorded? We will not record or live stream any technical sessions.

How can I blog about my session? We encourage you to write a blog post to give your session visibility and encourage people to attend. Recommended length is ~700 words, or 1-2 pages in a document, but this isn’t a strict limit. Tell the story behind your session: explain what the challenge is, why the topic is important, and what’s new about it. Give people a compelling reason to attend, and explain what the audience will take away. Use visuals like photos where possible. Drafts due by March 15th. Posts will appear on the UR website and UR twitter. We encourage you to explore other channels to cross-post and promote your session as well.

What equipment can I expect to be provided for my session? We will provide wifi, projector/screen or LCD tvs, and laptops for presentations. If you require anything further, please ask, but we may not be able to provide.


When are the Ignite presentations? Ignite presentations are on the afternoon / evening of Wednesday, May 16.

Am I required to do an Ignite? No, this year we are changing things up to minimize the amount of time dedicated to Ignites (2 hours was too long in the past). Thus, we will select the 10 most engaging Ignites.

How will selections be made? Each session lead who would like to do an Ignite will be required to provide a video of their Ignite by April 20, 2018. Determinations about who will present will be made by May 2.

Is there an Ignite rehearsal? Must the Ignite presenter attend the rehearsal? The main, in-person rehearsal will be on Tuesday, May 15. It is required that the presenter attend the rehearsal if s/he wants to present on Wednesday.

Do you have any helpful hints on delivering a great Ignite? Absolutely! Download the UR2018 Ignite guide. Practice is key!


What are some interactive tools that can be used to poll the audience? We have experience working with Mentimeter or PollEverywhere


Action Timeline
Revised Session Title and Abstract February 1, 2018
List of Potential Panelists February 1, 2018
Share Resources January 15 – April 15, 2018
Final Session Title and Abstract February 15, 2018
First Draft of Blog Submitted March 15, 2018
Final List of Panelists Provided, including bios and pictures April 15, 2018
Ignite Video Submitted April 20, 2018
Powerpoints from Panelists Submitted May 1, 2018
Ignite Selections Made May 2, 2018
Ignite Rehearsal for Those Selected(in Mexico City) May 15, 2018
Summary of the Session August 1, 2018


Download the Guide for Session Leads