Organization: UNICEF

Session Lead: Nora Guerten

Time: 10:10-11:25

Summary: To manage climate and disaster risks and ensure resilient Caribbean communities, systematic information and data are fundamental to analyse, comprehend and present the magnitude of risks.

While science is rapidly improving our understanding of disaster risks under progressing climate change and relevant data is increasingly available, there is still a gap in translating this into useful, actionable information which can support the decision-making of governments and their partners in order to strengthen CDEMA’s Regional Comprehensive Disaster Management Strategy.

The presentation and panel discussion will represent Caribbean governments, academic institutions and UNICEF.

As a result of the session: 

i) Data gaps and suggestions on how to close them will be highlighted;

ii) Challenges and opportunities to bridge data analysis with action will be identified;

iii) Inclusive pathways to achieve the targets of the SDGs, Sendai and the Paris Agreement will be discussed

See Presentation Below: