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Polly Morland is an award-winning British writer and documentarian. During fifteen years as a film-maker for the BBC, Channel Four and the Discovery Channel, she tackled subjects from war crimes to artistic reclusion, political terrorism to biblical history. Morland’s first widely-acclaimed book The Society of Timid Souls, or How To Be Brave (2013) won a Royal Society of Literature Jerwood Award and was long-listed for the Guardian First Book Award. Her second book, Risk Wise – Nine Everyday Adventures (2015) was written in conjunction with The School of Life in London, of which Morland is a faculty member. Her latest book is Metamorphosis – How and Why We Change (2016). Combining the journalism of her background in film with ideas from psychology and philosophy, Morland’s work blends remarkable human stories with reflections on how we live today—and how we can live better.

For more information, please visit Morland’s personal website.