UR2018 will feature 60+ technical sessions & side events, May 14-18 in Mexico City. Find out more about the premier forum on disaster risk identification and risk communication.

The call for proposals is closed, but we encourage you to get involved in the UR community and 2018 Understanding Risk Forum!


The UR organizing team is accepting proposals for both technical sessions and side events. Technical sessions are 90 minute sessions in the main conference (Wednesday, May 16 – Friday, May 18). If you would like to lead a technical session, read the Guide for Session Leads before you apply to make sure you can fulfill the requirements. The communication of risk information has become a key focus of UR (see the UR2018 planning meeting notes), and as such, each session is required to have a component of communication in the session. The UR team can provide guidance and support to incorporate communication, but each session lead should be aware of this requirement. To lead a session, apply using this google form.

Based on the UR2018 planning meeting, we are looking specifically for the following technical session topics, while we also welcome any others that you want to put forward:

  • Use of risk information for: supply chain/manufacturing, critical infrastructure, business continuity or other non-insurance uses
  • Machine learning
  • Communicating risk information
  • Measuring the impact of risk assessments / risk information
  • Behavior change using risk information
  • Urbanization
  • Learning from other types of risk assessment: Cyber risk, health risk, etc


Side events

Unlike technical sessions which have a standardized time limit, side events allow for much more flexibility in terms of time, content and format. These sessions can be, but are not limited to, meetings, training sessions or workshops, initiative launches, stakeholder and other community of practice meetings. There is no time limit, but please keep in mind how your event would run. The maximum size room available is 200. Please note, side events will be primarily organized by the person/people interested in holding a side event.