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Closing Ceremony

Thursday, December 03 at UTC 5:00 / 13:00 / 18:00

Join us as we close the UR ten year celebration with a moving performance and conversation between two artists, followed by the UR2020 highlights video and an invitation to celebrate this amazing community.

Creating Change Through Music: Two talented artists, from two different cultures and generations, play music to raise awareness about natural hazards and climate change. Dr. Lucy Jones, who is also a renowned Californian seismologist, will perform her piece, “In Nomine Terra Calens”, or “In the Name of a Warming Earth”, to reflect on the effects of climate change. Tafa Mi Soleil, a young Haitian singer and artist, will share with us a song she created to help spread the word of disaster risk reduction and preparedness in her local country. Over 5 million Haitians have heard this song already! The two women will then have a conversation about their work in connecting science and art in service of creating a more resilient world.

The video was shot with the artists in both Port Au Prince and Los Angeles, and was directed by Emiliano Rodriguez Nuesch from Pacífico. This performance was made possible with support from FM Global.