Organization: World Bank

Session Lead: Giovanni Michele Toglia, World Bank

Time: 9:00-12:30

Summary: The aim of the workshop is to advocate Open-Data, Open-Mapping and Open-Source. The first part of the workshop will be more theoretical, it will be shown how communities benefit from Open-Data, real cases and statistics. It will be outlined also the importance of having common standard and metadata profile to ease data sharing among countries and institutions.

The above-mentioned presentations will be followed by a Mapathon lead by the Humanitarian Open-Street-Map team: an exercise where people work on improving OpenStreetMap and create spatial layers to support humanitarian and risk related activities.

After the Mapathon there will be a couple of sessions about two Open-Source tools: Open Data Kit (for data collection) and GeoNode (spatial data infrastructure and sharing platform). During the demo of Hydrata (a software based on GeoNode that runs flood model and impacts) the data produced by the Mapathon will be used.

To finish, all the data produced during the day will be uploaded on SpatialEdge, a user-friendly and easy to use web interface made for people that are usually not fond with GIS and mapping tools.

See Presentation Below: