The Understanding Risk (UR) Community is the pre-eminent platform for collaborating and sharing knowledge in the field of disaster and climate risk assessment.

On May 18 – 22, 2020, over 1,000 attendees will convene in Singapore for the ten-year anniversary of UR. This forum promises to be the most innovative and exciting forum yet, exploring the future of disaster risk and its evolving nature while showcasing cutting-edge technologies that are improving the field.

UR believes that our ability to manage disaster and climate risk is only as good as our ability to identify risk and connect risk information to stakeholders, leading to more evidence-informed decisions.

Celebrating ten years as an innovative community, we have seen the creation of numerous partnerships and advances in science in part thanks to the energy, passion and enthusiasm of UR members.

Every two years UR meets at global forums to showcase the latest science and technology in the field and to build new partnerships to foster innovative breakthroughs.

These global events attract the world’s leading experts and practitioners in disaster and climate risk management and reduction. Attendees come from a wide range of sectors, such civil society organizations, private sector, government, media, multi-laterals, and academia (attendee lists here).

8000+ community members 2000+ organizations 180+ countries
Join us for 5 days in Singapore
1000+ attendees 60+ technical sessions

UR forums are only as good as the support of our collaborators.
We invite you to become a collaborator for the tenth anniversary of UR!

UR donor

Do you believe in our mission and want to support the community? We are happy to take donations or facilitate scholarships for attendees. Donations from Singapore organizations are tax deductible. Please get in touch with us.

UR partner

How can we tell your story during the 5 days? Whether it is through a VIP event, artistic installation, student scholarships, a keynote speaker, or many other options, let us know and we can work together to find the right option for you.

UR sponsor

UR covers all daily needs of attendees and waives registration fees of anyone who is unable to pay the attendee fee. If you are interested in supporting the organizational costs, such as catering, this is the option for you.

Depending on the type of collaboration you are interested in, there are a range of cost amounts associated.

UR donor

We take any donation amount to support the community. Without the help of organizations like you, we are unable to support scholarships for those who cannot afford it, like representatives from developing countries, youth or community representatives. If you are interested in supporting scholarships, please get in touch with us. We will work with you to understand what types of individuals you would like to support.

UR partner

UR partner activities are bespoke and range in price from SG$7,500 to $200,000. Some examples of activities include the UR Retrospective, which will trace the UR Community over the ten years; and an art / science exhibition that showcases how art can be used to communicate risk. If you are interested in organizing a custom activity at UR, we are happy to work with you to deliver something that fits your budget and your interest. Your logo will be displayed during the activity.

UR sponsor

Opening cocktail 25,000
Coffee break for 1 day15,000
Coffee break for 5 days75,000
Lunch for 1 day25,000
Lunch for 5 days125,000
Small booth
Standard booth
Medium booth 7,000
Large booth 10,000
Customized boothTBD

Visibility varies, and the order and size of logos will depend on financial support provided. UR2020 is co-organized by:

If you are interested in partnering with UR2020, please contact:
Ms. Simone Balog-Way | Community Manager | Understanding Risk | sbalogway [at] worldbank [dot] org

If you would like the PDF version of this information, please download this file.