UR22 Proceedings

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Agenda Overview

For five days, we will meet in-person at our main UR22 location, the city of Florianópolis, Brazil (Main Hub), and virtually via an online platform. Smaller ‘UR22 Satellite Hubs’ will also take place in other continents, offering in-person programming for the local audience and connecting to the global streaming. This year’s theme, “Riding the waves of risk,” focuses on climate and disaster risks in a multi-hazard world. To better understand risk, prevent disasters from happening, and build resilience, UR22 will explore the space where these multi-hazards collide and how disaster impacts cascade in unpredictable ways.

Plenaries & Keynotes

Avoiding Disasters

  • Nov 29

Including the announcement of Averted Disaster Award 2022 winner + short film projection. 

Governments: How Are We Making Risk Informed Decisions?

  • Nov 29

A look into regional, national and local levels.

Risk: What Do We Really Need to Know to Take Action?

  • Nov 29

A Multi-Sector Perspective.

Risk in the Era of Social Media

  • Nov 29

What if. What next. What now.

Money Talks: The Risk of Not Knowing Your Risk.

  • Nov 30


Disruptive Technologies in Disaster Management: A Look into the Future 

  • Nov 30

Science fiction is now science fact.

More plenaries and keynotes to be announced 

Extra Activities


Open-sourced and collaborative portable atmospheric floating kit, which enables anyone to launch their own aerosolar sculpture, just with heat of the sun.

Risky Karaoke

Join us in this risk-taking singing adventure! What’s at risk on stage? Prizes available.  

Expo Islands

Creative discussions and demos with our sponsors and partners.
Exhibitors: Google, NASA, Canada, Image Cat, TikTok, Anticipation Hub, Averted Disaster Photo Exhibition, GFDRR, City Resilience Program, Digital Earth Partnership, Brazilian National Secretary of Protection and Civil Defence. 

Florianópolis – Main Event Hub

Opening Ceremony
Nov 28

Fortaleza de São José da Ponta Grossa. A XVIII century fortress looking out over the ocean, framed by the beauty of the cliffs and the beach. The face of the forte will act as our screen to the Opening Ceremony

Main Conference
Nov 29-30

P12 Parador Internacional. This events center will host the main program, providing a relaxed atmosphere for learning and networking.

Focus Days
Dec 1-2

Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. One of the best universities in Brazil and Latin America and host of CEPED, a reference research center for disaster studies in the country.

UR22 Satellite Hubs

Associated community-led events in different corners of the world that will offer in-person activities for the local audience as well as connect to the UR22 global streaming platform.

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