We hope this list can help you with any initial queries you may have about the event, both in-person and online. Please check this page regularly as we will constantly update with new useful information. In case of any questions, you can contact us here – ur22@understandrisk.org. 



When and where will UR22 happen?

UR22 will happen from Nov 28 to Dec 02, 2022 in Florianópolis in the State of Santa Catarina in Brazil.

Will the UR22 Global Forum be an in-person or a virtual event?

UR22 will be a hybrid event with an in-person conference in Florianópolis, Brazil. All sessions will be streamed on our digital event platform.

I can’t travel to Brazil, will I miss the conference?

Absolutely not! All UR22 sessions will be streamed live on our online platform and recordings will be available on our website as on-demand content right after the conference.


Where in Florianopolis are the event venues located?

The Main Conference venues (November 28 to 30) are located in the north of Florianópolis, near the Jurerê International area. The Focus Day events (December 01 to 02) will take place in the Florianópolis downtown area.


Do I need a Visa for travelling to Brazil?

For most of the countries no visa is required to enter Brazil. However, you may find it useful to check the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Brazil to see if you need to provide a visa for entering Brazil.

The UR team can provide a letter of “certification of attendance” for those who have registered if needed.


When will registration open?

Registration will open end of July / beginning of August. In the meanwhile, you can pre-register on our UR website. We will open registration first for all pre-registered attendees. You can also have a discount on entrance fees, win a ticket to Floripa and other perks for the Community.

Do I have to register for both, in-person and online conference?

Yes, you will have to register either for the in-person conference in Florianópolis or for the online part of the event. All in-person sessions will be streamed on our digital patform for the online conference.

Is registration free of charge?

We are working hard to be able to offer a free-of-charge event to all attendees. However, it may be that we will have to charge a small amount for the in-person and/or online tickets to cover some expenses such as transportation or catering. Please check regularly our website for any updates.

Technical Sessions

What is a Technical Session?

Technical Sessions are usually panel or roundtable discussions or fireside chats. The Technical Sessions will happen during the Main Conference days from November 28 to 30.

Who can submit a proposal for Technical Sessions?

The UR Conference is an inclusive event and we welcome community members to put forward proposals for sessions for the main conference program. Sessions will be selected by the UR22 Organizing Committee on the basis of their relevance to UR’s goals and key topics for UR22, innovativeness and potential to contribute to the participants’ understanding of risk.  

When is the deadline for submissions of Technical Sessions?

Deadline for submission for Technical Sessions is June 24.

Focus Day Sessions

What are the Focus Days?

Focus Day events include challenge-focused workshops, hackathons, sandboxes, training, launches of books, reports and initiatives, innovation demos, meetings and seminars. The Focus Day events can be closed-door or open to all UR participants. Focus Days will be held on December 01 to 02.

Who can submit a proposal for Focus Day events?

Individual organizations and UR Community members are welcomed to submit proposals for Focus Day events. Each individual organization will manage their own workshops, stakeholder meetings, training sessions, or other activities.
Focus Day events will be selected by the UR22 Organizing Committee on the basis of their relevance to UR’s goals and key issue areas for UR22, innovativeness, and potential to contribute to the participants’ understanding of risk. We will endeavour to accommodate as many side events as possible within the time and space available. 

When is the deadline for submissions for Focus Day sessions?

Deadline for submissions for Focus Day sessions is July 31.

Conference language

What is the official language of the UR22 Global Forum?

The official lanaguage of the Understanding Risk Forums is English. There may be some sessions in other languages, mainly Portuguese.

Will interpretation be available?

Live interpretation will be available for English and Portuguese. Based on the participation of attendees, we may consider to offer live interpretation also for Spanish and French.

Travel & Accommodation

Pre-booking option
Florianópolis is a tourism hot spot and hotel availability during our event dates may be limited. Therefore, we give our attendees the possibility to pre-book a hotel room without any cost before the event registration opens. Please visit our recommended travel agency’s website Acoriana they will be happy to assist you with the pre-booking of your room. When registration for UR22 opens, you will be asked to confirm your pre-booking and to issue the payment.

In which area of Florianópolis should I book my hotel?

The venues of the main conference (Nov 28 to 30) are seated in the north of the island near the Jurerê International area while the Focus Days will take place in the Florianópolis downtown area. Keep in mind that Florianópolis is not very extended, therefore also hotels in other areas are not too far from the conference venues.

Does UR22 provide financial support for travel and accommodation?

Unfortunately UR is not able to provide travel and accommodation support.

Logistics note

Please find here our logistics note with many useful things to know about Florianópolis.

Platform and streaming

We will provide further information closer to the date.

Contact us

Please if you have any other specific questions contact the team here ur22@understandrisk.org.