# Early warning

Importance of modernization of hydromet systems and risk assessment

Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM), the nodal agency for hydro-met services in the country, is modernizing the whole hydro-met system in the country through the ‘Building Resilience to Climate Related Hazards’ project. The critical components of the hydro-met systems – Automated Weather Stations, Automated Hydrological Stations, Doppler Radar, Radiosonde, Lightning Detection, Hydromet Workstations, Calibration…

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Towards proactive disaster risk management: Benefits and challenges in linking early warning with risk financing

Acting in anticipation of or early after a disaster can save lives and livelihoods, protect public finances and safeguard development gains.
For early warning systems to inform governments and humanitarian actors about oncoming climate impacts and trigger effective anticipatory and response measures, they need to be underpinned by funding through pre-arranged risk finance, such as…

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Unpacking multi-hazard early warning systems: From concepts to measurable reduction of disaster risks and impacts

he concept of multi-hazard early warning systems (MHEWS) is well developed – however, different actors have different understandings of what it means: From comprehensive national partnerships to global-to-local-systems of systems to software applications in operational emergency management centres.
This makes it a challenge to strengthen such systems, measure their effectiveness, and report on progress. What…

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