# Decision-making

What is a Flood? Risk Perceptions and Decisions

   What is a Flood? Risk Perceptions and Decisions This session seeks to examine flood risk perception and its implications for decisions on prevention and preparedness. Flood risk perception is the assessment of the probability of hazard and the probability of results perceived by society and is a key aspect of flood risk management [1]….

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Risk-Informed Development in Bangladesh

   Risk-Informed Development in Bangladesh use · risk assessment · decision-making · Stakeholder collaboration Although Bangladesh has made significant progress in disaster risk management, the country is still at risk of growing loss and damage due to disaster and climate stresses. Limitations are found in incorporating disaster and climate change risks in all stages of…

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The development impact of risk analytics

In order to manage and finance risk you have to quantify it. Intuitively it makes sense that risk understanding improves decisions, and that it should be as close as possible to the local risk owner, combining the best of local and global knowledge.
However, countries investing in risk prevention and residual risk transfer programs do…

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