# Youth and young professionals

AIESEC Sustainable Youth Village (ASYV)

   Tuesday, December 1: 09.00 – 12.00 AIESEC Sustainable Youth Village (ASYV) Topaz 220, 221 use · Youth and young professionals AIESEC is an international organisation that has its roots from post ww2 period and since then has continuously championed for peace and sustainable growth and development of youths globally. It offers various programmes from…

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Forming radical collaborations to address climate and disaster risk: The Understanding Risk Field Lab

As an all-of-society challenge, addressing climate and disaster risk issues will require diverse participation and collaboration across boundaries of all sorts, whether they be disciplinary, national, professional, cultural, age, etc.
Yet forming effective collaborations across these diverse boundaries is difficult and rare. With the support of the Understanding Risk community and World Bank Disaster Risk…

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It takes a village: Digital skills to improve urban resilience in Africa

Community engagement has become a mainstay for urban planning and disaster risk management. It takes diverse forms, from consultation with female neighborhood leaders, to partnering with universities for data collection and analysis, to local businesses and entrepreneurs bringing innovation into government and humanitarian work.What do we need to do to push the envelope further?

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