# Nature-based solutions

Forming radical collaborations to address climate and disaster risk: The Understanding Risk Field Lab

As an all-of-society challenge, addressing climate and disaster risk issues will require diverse participation and collaboration across boundaries of all sorts, whether they be disciplinary, national, professional, cultural, age, etc.
Yet forming effective collaborations across these diverse boundaries is difficult and rare. With the support of the Understanding Risk community and World Bank Disaster Risk…

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Using geospatial tools for nature-based solutions to reducing disaster and climate risks: A hands-on workshop session

Ecosystems in general and Nature-based Solutions (NbS) in particular are increasingly recognized for their role in reducing disaster risk and the harmful impacts of climate change.
Mangroves, sea grasses and corals have been proven to reduce wave energy and related impacts from storm surges; forests and other vegetation can reduce landslide susceptibility by removing excessive…

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