Underneath you will find some of the presentations by the speakers at the different sessions held at UR Balkans. Each uploaded presentation has been approved by its author.


Session 1 – Demystifying the Main Growth Drivers of the Catastrophe Insurance Market

Area Yield Index Insurance (Experiences & Challenges)

Demystifying the Growth Drivers of Catastrophe Insurance Markets

Insurance at the Municipal Level

Remote Sensing & Drone Observation Techniques. Tool for the Claim Settlement

Session 2 – Flood Risk Mapping within the EU Flood Directive: No Data, No Result?

Flood Risk Management in Croatia. Implementation of Flood Directive in Croatia

Implementation in Poland of the EU Flood Directive on Assessment & Management of Floods

Serbian Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry & Water

Session 3 – Community Resilience via Crowdsourcing and Collaborative Mapping

Built Heritage Risk Assessment & Preparedness Strategies

Disaster Relief Ecosystem Seismic Alert Platform

Towards Learning Culture of Safety. Innovative DRR Education

Session 4 – Flood Protection is Everyone’s Responsibility

Connecting the Dots for Knowing the Risks in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Optimal Prevention & Adaptation in a Stochastic Flood Model

The Role of Impact Information in Emergency Management

We4DRR network. A tool to empower gender-sensitive policies in DRM

Session 5 – The Role of Social Protection Systems in Preparing for and Responding to Disasters

The Role of Social Protection Systems in Preparing for & Responding to Disasters

General Direction of Geostatistics & Beneficiaries Registry from the Ministry of Social Development

Session 6 – Transboundary Sava River Cruise with View on Successful Multi-Hazard Early Warning Advisory Systems

Flood Foresight. A Framework for Transnational Flood Forecasting

MeteoAlarm. A Multihazard Warning System

South-East European Multi-Hazard Early Warning Advisory System (SEE-MHEWS-A)

Session 7 – Seismic Risk in Multifamily Apartment Buildings: Engineering, Social, Financial and Policy Implications

Applying the Lesson Learnt from Precast Industrial Buildings in Italy to the Balkans

ECA Housing On Shaky Ground

Seismic Risk in Romania. Assessment & Awareness

Seismic Risk Assessment of Large Panel Buildings in Bulgaria

Session 8 – Getting Informed: Disaster and Climate Risk Tools for Improved Decision Making

Application of Risk Assessment Data to Inform Decision-Making

Earthquake Risk

Sentinel Hub Better View from the Above

Visual Decision Support – New Tools in Flood Emergency Planning for Municipalities

Session 9 – Advancing the State of Open Data and Its Used for DRM in the Balkans

Moderator introduction

Advancing the State of Open Data & its Use for DRM in the Balkans

Open Data for Resilience Index Balkan Countries

Open Data, International Standards & DRR

Telling the Story No One Wants to Hear

Session 10 – Integrating Risk Assessments in Road Asset Management

No presentations.

Session 11 – Enhancing Resilience: from City to Asset Scale

Arup. All presentations deck

Session 12 – From Assessing Risk to Managing Risk: The Science-Policy Interface

Integrated Disaster Risk Management for a Resilient Country

Nacionalna Procena Rizika

National Disaster Risk Assessment. Moving from Scenarios to the Full Probabilistic Approach